special effects animations to juice up your games

Bring copyright back to its roots.
SOPA. ACTA. CISPA. The original intent of copyright was to let artists recoup their costs, then make their works open to the public. It's since been distorted beyond recognition, and it's time we fix that.

An Uncommon experiment.
You can get these assets for free under a Creative Commons license, which has (only) a few restrictions. But if you buy a Commercial License, not only do you get zero restrictions, you also help the Juice Box get closer to entering the public domain.

The Juice Box Ingredients.
Contains 5 Animations: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Heart
In Spritesheet, PNG Sequence, Flash, & HTML5/CreateJS format.

Awesome People
  1. Warlizard - $15.00
  2. Davin - $10.00
  3. Atomclash - $10.00
  4. April Toh - $5.00
  5. Eric Steuer - $5.00
  6. Beanalby - $5.00
  7. Pinkie Pie - $4.04
  8. [Anonymous] - $1.00
  9. NeonColorz - $0.64
  10. [Anonymous] - $0.42
  11. [Anonymous] - $0.02
  12. @ncasenmare - $0.01

Option #1:

Pay-what-you-want Commercial License

For as low as a penny, you can buy a Commercial License, and use these assets however you please. Even in commercial projects. No attribution needed. No permission needed.

UPDATE: These assets are now public domain, so everyone gets completely unrestricted use of them. The payment form has been disabled, so I can reuse the API keys & stuff for The Gamedev Garage Sale.

Option #2:

Free Personal License

For completely personal projects, this choice is for you. You'll get these special effects under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license, meaning:

1) you have to attribute me (as @ncasenmare or nutcasenightmare.com)
2) you can't use these in commercial games or animations.
3) any remix of this work must also be published under this license.

UPDATE: These assets are now public domain, so none of the above restrictions apply anymore. You can leave out attribution, use it commercially, or even re-publish it yourself!